Major, Minor and Exhibition Facilities of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre


 Major, Minor and Exhibition Facilities of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

(Updated on 22 December 2022)

Major Facilities Full Capacity *
Concert Hall 1 971
Grand Theatre 1 734
Studio Theatre 321 (End Stage)
382 (Transverse Stage)
303 (Thrust Stage)
496 (Arena stage)
* Based on full capacity without blocked seats
Minor Facilities Full Capacity
Practice Room CP1 15
Practice Room CP2 15
Practice Room CP4 15
Practice Room CP5 20
Practice Room GP1 40
Practice Room GP2 60
Function Room AC1 100
Function Room AC2 120
Rehearsal Room CR1 150
Rehearsal Room CR2 200
Rehearsal Room GR1 150
Rehearsal Room GR2 200
Rehearsal Room GR3 200

Exhibition Facilities Full Capacity @
Exhibition Gallery 200
Foyer Exhibition Area E1 40
Foyer Exhibition Area E2 60
Foyer Exhibition Area E3 70

@ Approval from the venue management should be sought before a ceremony can take place.


Notes to Venue Users

  • All users must wear their own masks throughout their stay at the facilities and must go through temperature screening upon entering the venue. 
  • Any users with fever, respiratory symptoms or sudden loss of taste/smell should refrain from using the venue facilities and seek medical assistance immediately.
  • All need to observe hand hygiene (i.e., wash hands with liquid soap and water properly, or clean hands by rubbing with 70-80% alcohol-based handrub when hands are not visibly soiled).
  • All users should avoid sharing of items.
  • No eating or drinking inside the venue except the catering premises.