Creative Market in Partnership @ HKCC

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC) has launched the “Creative Market in Partnership @ HKCC” at the HKCC Piazza since mid-September 2013 with an aim of providing a platform for creative talents to showcase their works. By bringing together a diverse range of community and youth organisation partners, the scheme aims to rejuvenate the handicraft and live arts services at the HKCC, providing a platform to foster novelty and creativity.

Po Leung Kuk, Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Jockey Club Tsing Yi Children and Youth Integrated Services Centre, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong are now the Partners of the “Creative Market in Partnership @ HKCC”. By providing venue and supporting services, HKCC will continue to collaborate with more organisations in presenting different thematic creative markets.

Partner(s)Market DateTime

Po Leung Kuk
“Po Leung Kuk Flea Market”
Po Leung Kuk Flea Market

Enquiries: 2185 6047

9 & 10.3.2024
(Sat & Sun)

27 & 28.4.2024
(Sat & Sun)
25 & 26.5.2024
(Sat & Sun)
11am – 6pm
12nn – 7pm
Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association
“HKYWCA Creative Market”
HKYWCA Creative Market

Enquiries: 2451 0311
16 & 17.3.2024
(Sat & Sun)
12nn – 6pm

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