Exhibition Gallery Programmes


“Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy (with master Au’s Master Piece)”

Date: 16 - 18/3/2018
Time: 10am - 7pm
Presenter: Hong Kong Youth Art Association
Introduction:  This Chinese calligraphy exhibition including differencet writing styles, i.e. regular, official, running, cursive and seal script.  In addition with master Au's master piece.


9389 7799




“Ink-Endeavor for the Best 2018 Members’ Exhibition”

“Ink-Endeavor for the Best 2018 Members’ Exhibition” Date and Time: 7/4/2018
4pm - 7pm
8 - 11/4/2018
10am - 7pm
10am - 6pm
Presenter: Hong Kong Ink Association
Enquiries: 6393 0920


“Arts Show 2018” (Painting Exhibition)

“Arts Show 2018” (Painting Exhibition) Date and Time: 13/4/2018
12nn - 7pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 6pm
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts & Craft Association
Enquiries: 23806870



(Painting Exhibition)

(Painting Exhibition) Date and Time: 17/4/2018
3pm - 8pm
18 - 22/4/2018
10am - 8pm
10am - 6pm
Presenter: Joy in Drawing
Introduction: “Joy in drawing” We grouped by young people who love painting and share our painting experience together.   Jointly organized to express our positive portrayal of art and enthusiasm. In this exhibition, will displaying 160 works about by 18 young amateur painters and show different media, consist of oil painting, watercolor, comics etc.
Enquiries: 9861 5427


“The Modern Art Exhibition Vicissitudes of Chinese Ink”

“The Modern Art Exhibition Vicissitudes of Chinese Ink” Date and Time: 24/4/2018
3pm - 7pm
25 - 30/4/2018
10am - 7pm
Presenter: China (Hong Kong) Zhang Jiang Cultural of Arts Media
Introduction: The Modern art exhibition "Vicissitude of Chinese ink painting" is a seven-day exhibition will give you the best of the four artists - Lin hong, Lu heng, Liu chan and Du yongping. The ancient ink will radiate a new vitality in the hands of these artists of shanghai style genre.
Enquiries: 9861 8638


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